Surface Transport Solutions

ITS [Intelligent Transport Systems]

Advanced Public Transport System (APTS) for Urban Bus Operations

A comparative study of 14 world cities on Location-Based Services for Bus Operations and their RNP derivation. Challenges and Commonalities.

Improved GNSS Accuracy on London’s iBUS system

Improving bus location accuracy through innovative error mitigation, designing a new receiver algorithm and a novel functional architecture.

Demand modelling for surface transport

Queuing and Crowd Modelling in Transport Hubs

A new process for analysing queuing and crowding at St Pancras station, with sensitivity and intervention analysis capability.

PNT for Special Needs

Air Navigation and ATM (Air Traffic Management)

Determination of Target Level of Safety for Non-segregated Airspace Operations

Developing a comprehensive simulation capability to assess the level of risk posed by incorporating unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or drones into controlled airspace.

Modelling air traffic operations in the presence of uncertainty

A comprehensive simulation capability for optimising air traffic operations in the presence of major events such as adverse weather and other types of airspace restrictions.

Smart Cities and Resilience of Infrastructure


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