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Geospatial Science & Engineering

Geospatial Science and Engineering

Astra-Terra’s expertise in geospatial science and engineering covers:  
Specification of spatial data requirements for a wide variety of applications including cadastral surveying, topographical mapping, engineering surveying, underground surveying and hydrographic surveying.
Application of technologies for data capture for surveying, geodesy, remote sensing, photogrammetry, geographical information systems, land information management and cartography. The technologies include: conventional surveying systems (e.g. total survey stations), 3-Dimensional (3D) laser scanner and close range digital photogrammetric systems, aerial photogrammetric systems (e.g. for topographic mapping and digital terrain models), LIDAR - light detection and ranging (e.g. mapping of urban environments and coastal zone surveys), GNSS (e.g. for mapping, engineering surveys, location based services and wave-height monitoring), and the use of imagery from earth observation (EO) systems (e.g. IKONOS) for mapping, land use monitoring, hydrology and many others.
Development of new algorithms and software, and use of commercial tools for data processing, management and quality control.
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