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Surface, Air and Maritime transport




Astra-Terra’s expertise in multi-modal surface transport (road, rail, cycling and walking) covers demand modelling, planning, design, construction and operation. Our established know-how and track record with public service institutions gives us a cutting edge in:

Transport Policy formulation and development while addressing the main KPAs of capacity, accessibility, efficiency, safety, economics, and social and environment impacts
Specification of national, regional and local integrated multi-modal transport plans/schemes
Implementation of transport schemes
Transport operations
Performance monitoring.



We have world leading expertise in:
Demand modelling
Communications, navigation and surveillance (CNS) technologies
Procedure design
Airspace design and management
Airspace/airport operations modelling (capacity, safety and environmental assessment)
Air traffic control (e.g. task analysis, controller workload modelling)
Airspace safety (specification of target levels of safety, failure modes and effects analysis, safety cases, safety management systems, human factors, safety culture)
Regulation (safety and economic)
Performance measurement and monitoring
ATM system design (e.g. the single European sky’s SESAR and beyond).



Our expertise is in port-to-port operations management with a focus on:
Intelligent integrated sensor technologies
Digital spatial systems (exploiting Geographical Information Systems technology) and communications technologies, for location determination and tracking of goods, equipment and people
Logistics and asset management
Maximisation of port capacity, efficiency, safety and security
Environmental impact sensing, modelling, assessment and mitigation.
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